Streamline your logistics and Supplier Collaboration

iSPX procurement platform gives enterprises full transparency into source-to-pay (S2P) activities, and complete control over supplier data and collaboration across the supply chain planning and execution process. Users can access a full set of supplier management tools to share critical information like forecasts, orders and inventory particulars with multi-tiered vendors to obtain commitments in real time — reducing stock levels, maximizing fill rates and boosting productivity.

iSPX supplier collaboration portal is a one-stop, self-service platform for collecting, storing, sharing and tracking supplier information. It features a comprehensive set of supplier relationship management (SRM) tools designed to make it easier for vendors to provide data and for manufacturers to collect it. Data capture is automated, with all communication standardized into one supplier management system capable of generating highly precise information that can be used to drive seamless collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers.

iSPX vendor collaboration dashboards also enable suppliers to manage profiles, catalogs and pricing — thereby reducing your procurement team’s workload and administrative burden and allowing for a sharper focus on core supply chain operations

Transform Supplier Relationship Management with iSPX

To best serve your customers, you need to make sure you operate smoothly our supply chain management software can support you with this, but many systems on the market are directed at larger companies. SMEs may therefore find these options too resource-heavy to make sense at their business.

iSPX portal helps you maintain a clear overview of your suppliers, regardless of your company size. Cost is based on your number of vendors and the application is available as an on-premise solution or based on the SAP Cloud Platform – depending on your needs.

With easy access for your suppliers via login, the AddOn enables a self-service method which makes it much simpler and more efficient for them to communicate with you as the buyer. Collaboration between you and your vendor is simplified with purchase order management, shipment information, delay notifications, and quality management directly entered, stored, and accessed within the application.


iSPX : What are the Main Benfits

  • All Supplier data at one place
  • Simple and cost effective Integration
  • Real-time validation
  • Powerful Dashboard and Reporting
  • APP Self Service
  • Automated Supplier Validation
  • Scalable Workflow for multiple hierarchies
  • Email Integration/Email Approval
  • Operational and Executive Dashboard
  • Seamless Internal User Experience
  • Automated PDF Reader
iSPX Benefits

Feature at Glance

  • Visibility of Entire Supply Chain – From Inquiry- Purchase Order- Shipping- Delivery
  • Separate Dashboards for each area of Supply chain
  • Enable your workforce by free time
  • Vendor training required
  • Invoice management at all stages
  • Download forecast report
  • Quality Inspection Capabilities
  • Integration with global supplier

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