Internet of Things

IoT is the inter-networking of physical embedded devices with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data without limitations. The system created by IoT has greater transparency, control, and performance. In a nutshell, IoT is a concept that connects all the devices to the internet and let them communicate with each other over the internet. By doing so, each of your devices will be learning from the experience of other devices, as humans do. IoT is trying to expand the interdependence in human- i.e interacts, contribute and collaborate to things.

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Internet of Things Syllabus


  • What is IoT- In Depth Explanation.
  • Concepts and Technologies behind Internet of Things (IoT) The Past, Present, and Future of IoT.
  • Scope of IoT in India How large is the IoT Market in Different Domain Different skills required to become an IoT developer.

IoT Architecture

  • IoT Network Architecture
  • IoT Device Architecture IoT
  • Application Architecture IoT
  • cloud Architecture

IoT Device Design

  • Sensors & Actuator – Classification & selection criteria based on nature, frequency, and amplitude of signal Embedded Development Boards – Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi, NodeMcu Interfacing
  • peripherals & Programming GPIOs – Input/output peripherals, Sensor modules Design Considerations – Cost, Performance & Power Consumption tradeoffs

Getting started with Raspberry pi

  • Introduction to Raspberry pi Raspberry
  • pi different model comparison
  • Raspberry Pi operating system choices
  • Set up your Raspberry pi Raspbian OS

Raspberry pi vs Arduino family

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Advantages of Raspberry pi over Arduino
  • Differences Between Arduino and Raspberry

Hands on session on Raspberry pi using Linux OS commands

  • Introduction
  • Linux vs other Operating system
  • Linux basic commands Installation of packages Linux
  • File Handling installation on Linux

Remote Access to Raspberry pi

  • Remote Access using SSH
  • Remote Access using Tight VNC

Programming Languages

  • C/C++
  • Embedded C
  • Python

Practical session on Python Programming Language

  • Program using Loops
  • Program using function
  • Python Libraries
  • Oops concept in Python
  • Hardware interfacing with python
  • Exception Handling in Python
  • Web connectivity with python
  • Data storage in Python

Embedded system with Raspberry pi

  • Introduction to Embedded system
  • Embedded system basic block diagram
  • Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller
  • Key points for Choosing the Right Microcontroller
  • Using Raspberry Pi in Embedded System
  • Raspberry pi GPIO interfacing
  • Led Interfacing with Raspberry pi using python
  • Switch counter project using python
  • DC Motor Interfacing with Relay

IoT Communication Protocols

  • Wired Communication Protocols – UART, USART,SPI,I2C
  • Wireless Communication Protocols – Bluetooth , Wi-Fi, Gateway
  • Networking Protocols – OSI Reference Model, TCP/IP, Ethernet
  • Application Protocols – HTTP, Web sockets, MQTT

Cloud Computing

  • Overview of Computing
  • Different types of computing Concept of cloud
  • Architecture of Cloud
  • Description on Iaas , Paas , Saas Top Cloud service providers
  • Role of Cloud Computing in IoT
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Tools for integration of IoT devices with Cloud

Cloud server for IoT

  • Connecting Esp8266 with Internet
  • Sending Data using esp8266 to Thing Speak
  • Sending Data using esp8266 to BLYNK Server
  • Controlling actuators connected using Internet with android app

The Node-RED programming model

  • Node-Red Examples with Cloud Platform
  • Node red Basic flow with Hello world
  • Node red Weather Station
  • Node red Twitter analysis
  • Node-Red Using Raspberry pi and IoT Watson
  • Controlling Led using Twitter feed

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