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The maturity of Robotic Process Automation has encouraged many organizations to start with the implementation of RPA within their business departments, such as in Finance, HR or IT. RPA is a low-code (business) solution that enables software robots to automate processes previously performed by humans. To successfully implement imdx, it is important to focus on manual and repetitive activities that follow clear-cut rules and make use of structured data. iMDX software robot uses the user interface of existing applications and includes techniques such as screen scraping, rules engines and workflows. When processes involve more complex logic or unstructured data, intelligent automation (advanced RPA) is our solution. By embedding smart add-ons, such as machine learning, chatbots, and algorithms, the scope of business processes eligible for automation increases.

One of the main advantages of using iMDX is that the implementation time is relatively short. In addition, iMDX is less expensive than human labor, an iMDX software license is available for a fraction of FTE related costs and can perform the work of 3-4 FTE. The development of a software robot within a standard business process can be finalized in a couple of weeks, resulting in a quick return on investment. Typically, iMDX is implemented through a Center of Excellence (CoE) consisting of both business and IT involvement within the business itself and is closely aligned with the process specialist. In comparison to more comprehensive IT implementation projects, this approach results in more business focused, tailor made solutions with attention to the details. Next to a quick return on investment and less implementation time, iMDX has multiple other benefits that are also relevant for MDM.


Features Of imdx

  • Enable data steward with various dashboard reporting (out of box) and customizable options to improve efficiency and analytics
  • Inbound connectors to source data from heterogeneous systems to MDX
  • Data harmonization and enrichment before sent to ERP
  • Built-in Data enrichment by checks on redundancies, de-dupes
  • Standard Outbound connectors to interface Master data with SAP

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iSPX procurement platform gives enterprises full transparency into source-to-pay (S2P) activities, and complete control over supplier data and collaboration across the supply chain planning and execution process. Users can access a full set of supplier management tools to share critical information like forecasts, orders and inventory particulars with multi-tiered vendors to obtain commitments in real time — reducing stock levels, maximizing fill rates and boosting productivity.

iSPX supplier collaboration portal is a one-stop, self-service platform for collecting, storing, sharing and tracking supplier information. It features a comprehensive set of supplier relationship management (SRM) tools designed to make it easier for vendors to provide data and for manufacturers to collect it. Data capture is automated, with all communication standardized into one supplier management system capable of generating highly precise information that can be used to drive seamless collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers.

iSPX vendor collaboration dashboards also enable suppliers to manage profiles, catalogs and pricing — thereby reducing your procurement team’s workload and administrative burden and allowing for a sharper focus on core supply chain operations


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