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Exploring IoT Trends in the Retail Sector

By: Anurag Varshney on June 17, 2019

blog-post Exploring IoT Trends in the Retail Sector

With the constant rise of e-commerce, consumers don't even need to really visit an actual store to buy what they desire, since technology has totally changed the way we do retail shopping.

A bigwig in the retail industry, Amazon, has created a massive leap in the retail industry after the firm launched the first Amazon Go shop in Seattle. It provides consumers an amazing brick-and-mortar experience while shopping by employing technology in a contemporary way. You can shop by getting your Amazon Go app scanned as you proceed through the turnstiles prior to choosing what to pick up and exiting the shop without having to pay for the items.

This brand new shopping experience combines technology and actual reality, allowing clients to finish their own errand without the support of any individual interaction. It utilizes a huge number of cameras and digital sensors strategically installed across the shop to recognize each customer and keep track of all of the items they choose from your shelves. They are charged on their charge cards as they leave the shop through the gates.

The technology used in this revolutionary undertaking is the Internet of Things (IoT), which creates an omnichannel shopping experience that many believe, will be the future of retail. This technology has indeed opened doors to many applications, but its applications on retail are sure to change the industry as we understand it.

It combines the physical and electronic aspects to Increase customer experience

Many customers still prefer going to a physical shop to shop, but some prefer the convenience of getting things completed on line. IoT brings together the best of the two worlds and helps retailers connect with shoppers by understanding how to personalize their experiences through the data accumulated from their shopping behavior.

Retailers can send personalized coupons and other offers to their clients throughout the program in an effort to entice them to shop. This also lets them know that their regularly purchased items are to a special discount for a limited time.

It enhances security and convenience

Biometric authentication may be applied to contactless payment to bring another layer of security and protection against identity theft and consumer fraud. This technology is heavily utilized in online banking, but is presently being used for making payments. Additionally, it has been applied to determine known shoplifters to avoid store reductions.

Most importantly, you just need to have your smartphone so you can walk in and out of the shops without waiting to be able to check out your items.

It saves operational costs

When putting up a retail store with IoT technology including its maintenance and utility prices can be expensive, its long-term benefits can outweigh the initial costs.

The detectors installed 'smart' shelves might help detect low stock levels to monitor the products that have to be replenished and prevent running out of stock so that stores won't miss out on revenue.

A automated system helps retailers throughout the supply chain process by analyzing the trends out of all the in-store data gathered. This makes it easier to know which products to inventory at particular time frames to be certain the customer needs are satisfied.

Shops are smarter

Since the technologies opens a completely new universe of possibilities, most retailers can also be exploring the cost-efficient integration of HVAC systems, lighting, and other utilities.

The system can learn the program of this store and lower consumption through off-peak hours. Though it might not look significant, but it can save retailers huge money on energy costs.

Beacons, cameras, and sensors along with program data can identify customer traffic and understand when they're likely to flock to the shop at any particular time. The data can also be utilized to enhance operational stream and determine the right time and location for product promotions.

Robots help streamline the process

Since the technology aims to lessen human participation, robots will help streamline the entire retail procedure beginning from the distribution chain whilst highlighting safety.

Chatbots backed by AI applications may also assist by assessing shoppers' questions and allow them to plan a much more rewarding shopping experience.

At its essence, the technologies involved in the Internet of Things makes smart use of omnichannel imports to create shopping a uniquely immersive experience. The outcomes will reward the properties and brands that invest in technology and will likely change the way we search for virtually every customer good.

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(Anurag Varshney, 2019)

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