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AI as a protective mechanisam for consumers safety

By: Anurag Varshney on July 8, 2019

blog-post AI as a protective mechanisam for consumers safety

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more evident in every aspect of human existence. From major advancements in medication to changing the way business is conducted, machine learning demonstrates great potential to enhance the quality of our lives in various ways. A behind-the-scenes look into several firms' AI ventures indicates that certain aspects of machine learning even helps in improving the safety of the world.

Problems encountered in manufacturing can have great negative effects on a business. From home appliances to cars, the safety of a product is of extreme importance when it comes to satisfying your client. Products which cause safety concerns as a result of poor manufacturing or maintenance can lead to extremely adverse publicity, and also cost a company millions in suits and legal issues.

It's a producer's legal obligation to market products that aren't defective, and the United States has laws in place to safeguard consumers from negligent manufacturing companies. The Levin Company says that products could be faulty in three principal ways: faulty design, faulty meeting, or failure to wake up. If some of them cause serious harm to a customer, the producer can be found threatening and will likely be deemed accountable for any losses the victim incurs.

Enhancing Product Safety

The numerous advancements in AI are proving useful to decrease manufacturing negligence, and produce safer products for consumers.

Automobile makers are also using analytics for indicators to enhance vehicle security. According to Amit Saha, Watson Solution Architect for IBM,"Automobile manufacturers can now isolate and pinpoint the cause of security issues through data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through basic out-of-the-box analysis tools" This information is publicly accessible, and data systems can result in"faster issue discovery, problem resolution, competitive advantages, and improved product design."

At the energy sector also, AI is creating waves as soon as it comes to improving safety. As stated in the article by Forbeswhich was referenced above, Global energy pioneer BP is using technology to drive new levels of performance, as well as enhance the safety and reliability of the refining and production of oil and gas:"From sensors which relay the requirements at every website to using AI technology to improve operations, BP sets information at the hands of engineers, scientists and decision-makers to help drive high performance."

These costs have a vital effect on the bottom line for any asset-reliant manufacturing process. As quoted from an article on CIO,"studies show that unplanned downtime costs manufacturers an estimated $50 billion annually, which asset failure is the cause of 42 percent of the unplanned downtime"

Fortunately, AI technology may lower these prices. AI creates"predictive maintenance" of goods very possible. Predictive maintenance uses AI to form predictions about strength malfunction. This permits for reductions from unplanned downtime, and furthermore, extends the remaining useful life of manufacturing equipment and machines. Subsequently, firms can manufacture safer and more longer-lasting ultimate products.

One such example is Volvo's use of AI, as stated in a Forbes article. They utilize data created by its cars to predict when parts will fail or if a particular vehicle requires servicing. Volvo also can monitor vehicle performance during hazardous states. In this way, the business has claimed an impressive security record.

Transforming Customer Support

Last but not least, the role AI plays in customer service also leads to product safety. In fact, AI excels in meeting a client's needs both efficiently and accurately. Virtual assistants may mimic our brain's cognitive functions -- especially the ones that manage solving and learning problems.

Unlike individuals that are limited by job hours and time zones, virtual assistants and live discussions can provide assistance 24/7, ensuring a consumer is well attended to. If used properly and along with maintenance processes, the information gained from virtual assistants allows for consumer-realized safety issues to be promptly addressed and afterwards prevented in future manufacturing.

Regrettably, even with all it's benefits, AI is often misunderstood. There are many skeptics and cynics out there who think that AI is merely a fad or, even worse, out to fully replace humans. To the contrary, AI has the capability to augment current human procedures and therefore enhance our livelihood. As evidenced from the illustrations above, by completely and correctly adopting AI into our own lives, we can definitely make the planet a safer place.

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(Anurag Varshney, 2019)

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