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By: Anurag Varshney on July 15, 2019



Fashion certainly cannot be the industry left behind in an age where everything is going ‘tech’ from retail to banking and from sports to building and real estate; regardless of the sector technology still remains a major factor.

Technology has advanced over the years and fashion went along with it, stride by stride, today artificial intelligence has become much more than a buzz word reserved for the geeks or industry members or the latest trend reserved for a select few, but a force to reckon with and a technology to adopt for speed and efficiency and most importantly: profit

From a reduction in operational cost as a result of more machines to use and fewer humans to pay to attention to detail and extended work hours, Artificial intelligence has indeed come to stay in the fashion industry bringing innovation to an industry that thrives on innovation and inventions.

The fashion industry is one with a very extensive value chain ranging from the planting, harvesting, and processing of materials like cotton, silk or the modification of synthetic materials like rayon and polyester to the design and eventual sale, fashion has discovered a use for artificial intelligence across its extensive value chain.

Here are a few ways AI has been put to use in the fashion industry

  • Unmanned sewing (sewbots)
  • Consumer behavior shopping (matching shopping based on social media likes)
  • Unmanned chat attendants (virtual assistants and chat- robots)
  • Virtual and Very detailed personal stylists.

UNMANNED SEWING :Even before the tragic events that occurred in Bangladesh one April in the year 2013, the fashion industry has been seeking for ways to reduce the number of low paid individuals working in its manufacturing sites mostly situated in under-developed to developing countries coupled with the emergence of artificial intelligence, the answer came in the form of a sewbots : which are robots who have the capacity to make clothes without the aid of a human or in some cases with limited aid. In the process of refining the idea of using sewbots many were skeptical about a machines ability to interact with the tricky nature of fabrics which always rumple and shrink, but that was in the past, interestingly several companies today even in America are leading the revolution of this AI innovation in fashion.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR SHOPPING: Nowadays most fashion companies do not need to have conversations with their customers to know what their customers want to buy, with the copious amount of data available about the customers , companies now influence what pictures need to be sent to the pages of a customer’s social media which then influences the customer’s choice, all these is made possible through data analytics ,companies already at the Forefront of this innovation are Levi’s, Zara and a host of others.


The prevalence of virtual chat attendants popularly called virtual assistants and chatbots are one of the ways fashion companies are taking innovative ideas to an entirely different level, the job of these assistants is to interact with customers, attending to their needs, intimating them of new products and whatever offerings the company has.


Tagged as a personal style revolution by industry experts, Artificial intelligence in form of virtual stylist have been in the business of matching the right sport coat with the perfect pair of loafers or the best lipstick for that evening wear with plunging neckline, just like any stylist will do and even better because of the full range of consumer data such as shoe size, favorite color, bust size and every form of statistical data available to the ‘program’.

This innovation is particularly favorable to individuals in rural areas which are not proximal to the location of a stylist still access the service nonetheless: talk about border breaking fashion

There are over a dozen virtual styling apps available for download on the internet for the personal consumption of any manner conscious individual from tailor to closet space and the likes.

From quick shopping to better choices, from trend spotting to virtual assistants that give you just the right answers you want these and many more ways are the ways AI is revolutionizing fashion.

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(Anurag Varshney, 2019)

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