Our Services

NeuVays is focused to design and development of business applications based on number of emerging technologies. Some of these technologies are creating disruption in IT industry. NeuVays as a competency center of McKinsol has invested in these technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Call us to know more about our products and services. We collect business requirements or take innovative ideas to convert them into a fully functional business software helping businesses to succeed.


Increase in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has made organizations to automate their repetitive tasks. Such as banks to automate repetitive clerical tasks such as requests for replacement of credit cards and loan applications. Trained bots in the every industry are saving significant money, which was spent earlier in manpower to manage and execute repeated tasks. Banking sector can execute the tasks within a limited time, with higher accuracy and at a reduced cost than would be the case with people involved, allowing financial institutions to cut down on back-office function overheads.NeuVays design and development RPA business applications to automate repeatedly occurring tasks.


Blockchain can primarily be considered to be a chain of blocks whereby the blocks refer to the digital data being stored in a database (that has been made public) which is referred to as the chain. The chain is used to safeguard and bind the blocks to one another using elements of encryption. Blockchain is an upcoming technology, which is revolutionary in nature and execution.

NeuVays is an expert in Blockchain and working with few clients to execute pilot projects from design to development going through a software development life cycle (SDLC) using agile methodology.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT, efficiency in the way industry operates is guaranteed. IoT allows to integrate hardware with internet and software programming in a way to automate processes or to make processes efficient. The technology around IoT saves time, money, and makes decision-makers to re-think how goods and services are being rendered to customers. With IoT based Softwares, it becomes simple for businesses to gather data and information, relay it to cloud and then trigger a real-time action.

NeuVays has pioneered in IoT for retail and fashion industries and has run several products around stores, inventory and replenishment. We design and development IoT based applications


Machine learning (ML) is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and become better over time based on learning from past operations, without being explicitly programmed. With machine learning, most disconnected processes in organizations, such as telecoms, engineering, retail and e-commerce, medical sector among others have been integrated. Machine learning provides automated insight for your business to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

NeuVays is currently doing few product development in ML space. Our flagship product SPOT used ML feature to learn from the past purchase of consumer and offering right promotions.We are open to help you for your design and development needs of ML based systems.


Whether AI is being used for various functions in business and industry at large that includes business analysis in companies, or to guide financial advisors at investment companies, artificial intelligence is rapidly re-defining the workplace. And human resources departments should ensure employees are ready for the change through the acquisition of in-demand skills. Bots are ready to execute more of the task done by humans, especially repetitive ones, the work that humans do, and even perform some roles that go beyond what humans can do. As a result, some occupations will decline, others will grow, and many more will be altered.

NeuVays is geared to provide advisory services or consulting in the space of AI. NeuVays has pioneered in design and development of AI based applications. We collect requirements and prepare business, process and system architecture diagrams. That leads to data architecture diagrams and we design & develop softwares based on it using agile software development methodology.


As its platinum innovations have continued through the years, McKinsol Consulting is most excited to launch feature packed customer engagement platform as a service (PaaS) for the RETAIL & Fashion Industry in 2019. SPOT is our highly-informed, Omni-Channel, proximity-based or GPS enabled, and Customer Engagement Suite allowing retail stores to communicate with customers passing by the store locations. SPOT enables our RETAIL Client Partners to push personalized promotions to influence their customers to real-time paths to Purchase. Please visit our website for more details